Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Pizzeria Offers Backhanded Apology For Using 'Tranny' in ad Campaign

 David DeSantis, owner of Jammin Pie, a Cobb County pizza restaurant, has issued an 'aplogy' after coming under fire for running an advert using the transphobic hate word 'tranny' that openly mocked trans people.

The ad in question was released on Facebook and featured an image of a frozen pizza and the caption 'If you can't tell the difference between delivery and DiGiorno, there's a good chance you've been fooled by a tranny once or twice too'.

A day after the image went on line the Atlanta-based Health Initiative, which works closely on LGBT+ health care issues, called DeSantis out on his advert, calling the image 'disparaging' and asking for their supporters to express their disgust with the restaurant;

'TAKE ACTION: This type of disparaging language and attitude contributes to the poor treatment trans & gender-nonconforming individuals receive on a daily basis, ranging from employment & health care scenarios to simply feeling safe in public spaces. Please call The Jammin Pie in Kennesaw at 770-792-8989 and let them know exactly how you feel about this post. #DeliverThis #HateIsNotATopping'

DeSantis' initial response was not one of understanding or regret, rather trying to justify his actions as being a 'joke';

'This is a classic example of someone who needs to get a sense of humour... To say that I don't support freedom for gays, trannies, heteros, homos, martians, plutonians, and even for politicians is absolutely absurd... But I do have a sense of humour and this is funny... This is the example of what I mean when I say that I am non PC... Get a clue and know who to hate dumba$$... is calling you a narrow minded idiot who tangled with the wrong business hate? maybe all my customer should take action and point out that you don't know what the crap you are talking about.'

Despite his claims of being 'non-PC' Desantis and his restaurant have a history of showing support for the LGBT+ community, even changing their profile picture to the rainbow flag the day after the U.S. Supreme Court legalised same sex marriage.

After being pressed further DeSantis did chose to release an apology;

'So here we go... walk a mile in another man's shoes... did it all night last night, stiletto pumps are a bitch btw... i am a kind good man that likes to laugh with everyone at my shop and I guess as of yesterday the only time in the future I use the word tranny, it will be in reference to automatic or manual and if you were offended i truly apologise as this comparison of the T word to the N word has shed new light on my personal understanding of your feelings... the problem that I have is the reverse hate and how quickly people want to tie a person to a stake and toss a match. I also think The Health Initiative is full of sh!t Nazi crap... your a propaganda machine at best as a responsible organisation truly missions with education would have at least called me and educated me before trying to end the lively hood of a good man with great kids and a kind hearted blessing of a wife and a store full of staff of all races sexual orientations religious beliefs but with a common denomination of being good hardworking people... your post was a shot at trying to gain viral attention and unscrupulous in nature... Coexist is what TJP has always done and with action not words... our menu is Halal friendly, our support of children and local causes has stretched me to the point of personal poverty believe it or not, but I continue to give and know in the end God will provide a penitent man...

Our sales were higher than ever last night so I am not saying this out of need... in my conservative area this post might actually hurt me... but non the less here it is, from the heart, as always. Nothing I do is driven by the dollar and I always put myself last... My poor wife had her honeymoon and promised first anniversary vacations both donated to charity because we felt causes outweighed our need for a trip... We live our support everyday... Before you throw your stone now... it's time for YOU to walk in my shoes and if you can't back up your verbal venom with actions, then you are a hypocrite and your mission is not education or the promotion of human good will... your on a witch hunt and have negated your validity as a person trying to forge a positive future and you bring shame to your cause... TJP DemonDave'

I'm sorry, but that's just not good enough.  To attack a group or organisation who called you out  for your poor actions is not apologising, if anything this is the perfect example of how to apologise without ever saying sorry.  This statement is full of 'woe-is-me' crap about how he suffered due to having his bigotry called out, full of 'I'm a nice guy don't judge me' statements by outlining how he's 'suffered' over the years by doing good and even dares to suggest that people need to 'walk in my shoes'.

Well no Mr DeSantis, but you're full of crap.  When you're making 'jokes' about an incredibly marginalised group, helping to reinforce stereotypes that trans women are trying to 'fool' men and use one of the worst slur words at your disposal we shall not be taking a walk in your shoes.

Maybe you should try taking a walk in our shoes, a walk full of people who stare at you in the street, who shout abuse at you, where doctors refuse to help you, where family turn their backs on you, where we get attacked and even killed.  Maybe once you've experienced the fear of not knowing if you're going to survive every time you leave your home we can talk.

I don't care if you think it was 'funny' or not, by spreading 'jokes' like that you are adding to the oppression and hate that the trans community suffer every single day.


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