Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Trans Woman Tamara Dominguez Murdered in Missouri; Victim 17

 Just days after the tragic loss of three transgender women of colour another name is being added to the ever growing list of trans women killed simply for being who they really are.

Tamara Dominguez from Kansas City has become the latest transgender woman to be killed, bringing the current total in the US to 17, almost 50% more than the whole of 2014.

Dominguez was seen by witnesses stepping out of a black SUV when the driver then hit her with the vehicle. According to all eyewitness accounts he then ran her over at least two more times.  In a bizarre twist police are not labelling the attack a hate crime, despite the driver running her over with his vehicle multiple times.

Her family and friends have been laying flowers and messages of love at the scene of the brutal crime.

Tamara's death brings the number of trans people murdered in the US this year to a new total of 17, all of them women, most of them trans women of colour..

Rest in peace Tamara.



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