Saturday, 1 November 2014

Terminating The Franchise?

I’ve been a fan of the Terminator films for as long as I can remember, Terminator 2 was one of my core movies as a kid, alongside Aliens, Predator and Labyrinth.  I love the first film, I think it’s a fantastic sci-fi horror, the second is a kick arse action film that makes Linda Hamilton one of the best action heroines around, the third…..well let’s not talk about the third one, and Salvation was a great film that made the machines scary again.

So other than one bad apple a pretty good series of films.  With that in mind when they announced a fifth film that would not only star Game of Thrones Emila Clarke but also return Arnie to the series in a role that’s not just a cameo I was excited.  Now though, less so.

The film has a terrible name; Genisys.  Genisys?  That’s not even a real word.

The film will re-write the whole Terminator timeline and erase the other films.

And finally, these pictures that have just been released.

Emila Clarke as Sarah Connor.
Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese.
Jason Clarke as John Connor.
Matt Smith as a yet unnamed character.
I know that these are just promo images, but they instantly put me off the film.  It looks too shiny and clean and Hollywood for a Terminator movie.  

As I said earlier the film will also be going against established Terminator lore.  In this new film, apparently, Sarah Connors parents were killed when she was just a little girl and she’s been raised by Arnies T-800 who she calls ‘pops’.

I don’t know what it is with films anymore.  It seems that certain franchises can get away with anything because they’re trying to appeal to masses of fans by casting certain stars rather than making good content.  Arnie back?  Yep, they’ll love that.  Game of Thrones babe?  Yep, they’ll love that.  A former Doctor in a time travel film, oh the Whovians will adore that. 

It kind of feels the same as Peter Dinklage in Destiny.  People are being cast in films and games and TV purely for the wow factor or to draw people in.  Just based on what I’ve seen in recent images and heard of the plot this film is going to be even worse than Terminator 3.  Something I didn’t think was actually possible.  


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