Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Fox Reveals The New Doctor Doom....It's Not Good

This is Doctor Doom.....
As I'm sure the comic book fans out there are aware 20th Century Fox are currently rebooting the Fantastic Four franchise, and are being met with some very mixed opinions on the details that have so far been released.

The new film will apparently be heavily influenced by the Ultimate Marvel line rather than the traditional 616 universe that people are more familiar with.  This in itself isn't necessarily a bad thing, Ultimate Fantastic Four was a very good book, and introduced the whole Marvel Zombies thing in an original and very scary way before it went too silly.

What we've learnt so far is that the FF themselves will be younger, a lot younger.  I'm not able to quote the average age of the cast but they look like teenagers.  Plus, they will no longer get their powers from cosmic rays.  So far their new origin has been unspecified but many are speculating a lab accident or genetic mutations (possibly as a way of Fox tying FF into their X-Men Universe).

In a interview with Collider, Toby Kebbell has revealed the origins of his character, Doctor Doom.  Brace yourself now guys, because this isn't pretty at all.

               'I’m excited to see it too, and my nerves really… The only thing I can tease you about is 
               what I worked on most was the voice because nobody—even in the cartoons, when I was 
               watching them I was like, ‘So where’s he from?’  There’s a mild change and I’ll tell you 
               because of our history. He’s Victor Domashev, not Victor Von Doom in our story. And I’m 
               sure I’ll be sent to jail for telling you that. The Doom in ours—I’m a programmer. Very 
               anti-social programmer. And on blogging sites I’m ‘Doom’.'

Yep, that's right, Doctor Victor Von Doom, scientist magician ruler of the nation of Latveria is going to be a disgruntled blogger and hacker.  Seriously? 

....this is not Doctor Doom.
Well Fox, if this is true, and I'm sincerely hoping it's not, then you're probably going to have some seriously upset comic book fans on your hands.  But then look what Marvel Studios did to The Mandarin, people still love them, so maybe you'll get away with it.


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  1. An anti-social programmer? Wow! What a stretch! Never in this history of creativity has THAT one been done!

    Um . . . no. Not now, not ever, not even a billion light years close to "no". I guess this makes it easier for him to be defeated by Squirrel Girl?

    I don't have issues with the FF being young, because in their first origin story they were, but this . . . Doom is gonna be a troll? "I'm Victor von Doom!" You know that's his MySpace profile name . . .