Thursday, 6 November 2014

Getting Continually Blocked on Facebook

As I’ve written in the past I’ve been having some trouble with Facebook lately.  I’ve had an account deleted around the time of the whole Real Name debate.  I’ve had my account shackled without explanation, being unable to use half the features of the site such as having a ‘like’ button or being able to make comments.

Fortunately for me this ban on my account was lifted on the 4th of November, letting me use my Facebook account fully again.  Then today, not two days after getting my account back I’ve been locked out of all the features again.  Once again with no real explanation as to why.

I’ve messaged Facebook asking them for an explanation, and to unlock my account but so far have received no response from them.  If their total ignorance during the last incident is anything to go by then I doubt I will hear anything from them this time either.

I use Facebook a lot, I use it to promote my blog and my column at Planet Transgender.  The simple fact of the matter is that using Facebook gets my web presence out there.  It gets me more hits.

Without the use of Facebook I’m not doing as well.  An article of mine received over 8,000 hits in just one week, Facebook Name Debate and Having my Account Deleted, since then I’ve been struggling to get 1,000 in a month.  I know that sounds selfish but that’s one of the reasons why I want to be using Facebook.

Perhaps it was the article that got me so many hits from Facebook that was the issue?  Has calling them out on their frankly disgusting policy made me something of a target to them?

Maybe, maybe not.  To be honest I doubt that I’m that special to warrant that kind of attention from them.  Whatever the reason for all of these blocks and bans it’s getting to the point where I’m getting ridiculously bored by it all.  I think it might be about time that I leave Facebook for good.


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