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Supernatural 'I Think I'm Going to Like it Here' Review

The boys are back in town.
Supernatural has returned to our screens and the first episode kicks off where season eight ended with thousands of angels falling from heaven, Crowley a prisoner of the Winchesters, Castiel has lost his grace and Sam is dieing.  So, pretty high stakes for the season opener.

There are three main focuses of the episode, Sam in a coma trying to figure out whether he should fight or give in and die, Dean as he searches for a way to save Sam’s life, and Castiel who is coming to terms with being human.

Sam’s story centres on his trip through his subconscious, much like we have previously seen in season seven when Bobby was close to death.  Sam is helped along his way through his inner journey by Dean, who represents his will to fight for life and a special return of Bobby who is representing Sam’s desire to give in.

Dean watches over a dying Sam.
At first I found myself surprised that Sam would be so willing to just lay down and die, to stop fighting but then I think about everything the character has been through over the course of the show, especially last year with the strain of the trials.  Having Sam question whether or not it was worth trying to carry on makes sense at this point.  Plus the return of Death was a very pleasant surprise.

During Sam’s journey through his subconscious Dean is working hard in the real world to find a way to save his bother.  Driven to desperation Dean sends out an open prayer to any angel that will listen asking for their help to save Sam.  Unfortunately this makes the both of them open targets for any angel that wants revenge against the Winchesters and Castiel for being thrown out of heaven.

Luckily for Dean though help arrives in the form of Ezekiel, played wonderfully by the talented Tahmoh Penikett.  Ezekiel tries to help save Sam’s life whilst Dean battles the angels come to kill them but the only solution this time is a radial one, for Ezekiel to possess Sam.  Initially against the idea Dean consents to try it when he realised that Sam is ready to go with Death and cannot face loosing his brother forever.

Ezekiel tries to save Sams life.
The resolution here is a great one, so much better than just angel healing hands which would have been a very easy way out.  It also means that amongst all of the exciting new things the end of the previous season set up we’ve been presented with a new one, Sam with an angel inside of him.  Which he has no knowledge of.  I’m sure this is going to lead to some exciting moments later on in the year and I’m sure another heated argument between those grouchy Winchester brothers.

During all of this drama to save Sam we have Castiel wandering around getting used to his new human body.  Initially unsure exactly what to expect from being human, still expecting not to need to eat or drink, Castiel begins to discover many of his new weaknesses during the episode.  Especially when he meets another angel, Hail.

Castiel tries his best to help Hail with her new circumstances and shows that he has learnt a great deal from his time on earth sand tries to tell Hail that there is so much more out there for her to do and experience now that he is free from heaven’s rule.  What starts of as a fairly sweet story soon turns creepy though when Hail attacks Castiel and wants to possess his vessel, leading Castiel to have to kill  her.

Bobby's back....kind of.
A very busy start to the new season, with three very different stories all being told at once.  It’s great to see the start of the consequences of the angels falling and it gives a good taste of what more to expect from the rest of the year.   A great start to what is hopefully going to be one of the more interesting seasons of Supernatural.  Can’t wait until the next one!  8/10


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