Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 'The Asset' Review

Skye infiltrates the bad guys party and has a dull conversation with him.
All of the excitement and intrigue of the past two episodes is all but gone in this fairly average espionage and infiltration episode that feels more like part of Alias than the show set up in the last two episodes.

The episode opens well enough, with an impressive hijacking sequence where cars and trucks are thrown through the air by some kind of unseen force and a S.H.I.E.L.D. scientist is kidnapped.  Unfortunately the episode soon begins to move down hill after this point.  Sent in to retrieve the stolen scientist Coulson and his team are forced to trust into Skye the responsibility of infiltrating the bad guys party to let the team inside.

Doctor Hall makes his on screen appearance.
Not the most inspired plot, with everything playing out as an almost stereotype of spy drama and predictable every step of the way.  The only neat little inclusion her though is the gravity device that begins to play havoc.

The shifting in action from floor to ceiling to walls is visually interesting, for all of about a minute.  This wold have been an amazing place to have a fight, to see the room shifting around them as they punched the crap out of each other.  Instead the shifting room is used to have a conversation, one where we can see the solution to the problem long before the characters do as soon as Coulson and Hall end up standing on a glass window above the gravity device.

Coulson must find a way to save the episode.
A dull and lackluster episode that holds no surprises or revelations, or even anything the audience hasn't seen before.  Even the very last 'surprise' scene was something that I could see coming a mile away.  Hopefully this is not an indication of the quality of the show to come and it will soon return to the highs of the first two episodes.  4/10


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