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Arrow 'City of Heroes' Review

Ollie returns to help Starling City recover.
Season one of Arrow ended on a brilliant note, and one of the best episodes of the entire show to that point.  Luckily season 2 opens on such a strong episode that the show looks poised to carry on the momentum set up in last years finale.

‘City of Heroes’ begins with Ollie back on the island of Lian Yu in a form of self imposed exile after the events of the season 1 finale, having spent the previous five months there trying to come to terms with the failure of his mission and the loss of his best friend Tommy Merlyn.   Whilst the show could have very easily spent the whole of the first episode having Diggle and Felicity trying to get Ollie to return to Starling City, instead they spend only ten minutes doing so and the episode benefits from this quicker pace.

Quentin's been demoted but has a new found faith in The Hood.
Upon Ollie’s return to his home city we see that things have moved on a little from the events of the destruction of the Glades, but Starling City is still a city reeling from a massive disaster, with many citizens in dire need of someone like Ollie looking out for them.  Hopefully this will continue on throughout the rest of the year, as the Glades in season one were not exactly the horrible place Malcolm Merlyn made them out to be, though now they are.

It’s not just Ollie that’s changed over the last five months though, Thea has become the manager of Ollie’s nightclub Verdant and seems to have dramatically grown as a person and is already a much better character than she was in the whole of the previous year.

Laurel has taken the death of Tommy hard and has completely changed her outlook on The Hood and now sees him as a criminal and a threat to the city.  Though this is something of a rather big leap from her character last year it’s a great contrast to her father Quentin, who has since been demoted to a regular beat cop and is showing full support for the man he once hated.

Ollie's island adventure continues with Shado and Deathstroke.
The episode also goes a long way to looking at Ollie's emotional fallout following the tragic events of the last season and his new mission now that he is no longer just crossing names off a list.  There was a lot of controversy the previous year over Ollie’s willingness to kill, and it looks like the show has addressed that fact in a way that doesn’t feel out of place at all.  By stating that killing would ‘dishonour Tommy’s memory’ fits in perfectly to his current emotion situation and is sure to be a vow that will be sorely tested over the coming episodes.

The final moments of the episode also gave the audience a nice tease of things to come later in the season as well as a massive treat for comic book fans.  The first appearance of Black Canary, who could quite possibly end up being Roy’s vigilante mentor rather than Ollie.

Black Canary makes her first appearance in Arrow.
A very competent opening episode that continues on with the great new tone and status quo established at the end of season one.  Hopefully the series will continue to carry on at this great level.  8/10


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