Friday, 9 August 2013

Stephen Fry and the Winter Olympics

Stephen Frys recent letter to the government and Olympic Committee advocating the removal of the 2014 Winter Olympics from Russia due to its extreme anti gay laws was a brilliantly written, well thought out and emotional piece. 

Unfortunately not everyone agrees with him, and low and behold the Daily Mail in on the front lines of those attacking Stephen Fry for not just standing up for his personal beliefs but also for sanity and the goodness of human spirit.

The Daily Mail launches a vicious article that attacks Fry personally, and calls for people to do the exact opposite of what he advocates. Instead of boycotting the Olympic games in what is fast becoming one of the most extreme anti LGBT countries in the world their reporter, Andrew Pierce is urging people to not only attend the games but to openly protest them once there.

How is it that someone in the media could be so blinded to the previous violence against LGBT people and threats made by the Russian government should people attempt to do the same that they would encourage their readers put themselves in danger? If anything it appears to me that the Daily Mail, and Pierce in particular, are simply trying to place LGBT people in harms way.

Some might find this a somewhat ludicrous thought, but simply look at their past record of anti LGBT sentiment and the vicious hounding of school teacher Lucy Meadows, a campaign of hatred and harassment that led to Miss Meadows taking her own life.

I for one share Stephen Fry's views that attending the winter Olympics in such an anti LGBT country goes against everything that the Olympics stands for and common human decency.


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