Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Peter Capaldi - Doctor 12

Sunday the 4th of August saw the worldwide reveal of the actor that will play the twelfth incarnation of the television legend, the Doctor.  After weeks of speculation on who would take over the ionic role from current Doctor Matt Smith it was announced that Scottish born actor, film director and screen writer Peter Capaldi will step into part.

Possibly best known for his role in ‘The Thick of It’ as foul mouthed Director of Communications for the British government, he has also appeared in a number of other well known television shows, including two separate roles in both Doctor Who and it’s spin-off show Torchwood.

When the announcement was made I was very happy with the choice and found myself looking forward to him taking over the role more than I am the upcoming 50th anniversary special.  Capaldi has always been an actor that I have liked whenever I’ve seen him in anything and I think that he will be able to bring a level of age and authority to the role that has been missing since the 70’s.

I know that a number of people on the internet have been complaining that he’s too old to play the part, but being the same age as William Hartnell when the role was first created for me means that he is in no way too old.  I can’t help but to feel that the people that are first in line to complain that he is too old to play the Doctor are people that are only familiar with the new series of the show, and haven’t had the pleasure of watching Hartnell, Troughton and Pertwee, three of the oldest Doctors, play the part so absolutely brilliantly.

When the series was first announced back in 2005 I was excited by the return of the show, but had no real opinion on Eccleston in the role.  When it was announced that Tennant was taking over the role my heart sank and I found myself thinking ‘oh god not that twat from that awful Casanova show!’  With Matt Smith being an unknown I had no real opinion on him in the role when it was first announced.  Capaldi is the first Doctor since the show returned to television where I am really excited to see him in the role.

I know that many people are going to be polarised by this announcement, as they are every time a new Doctor is announced, but people need to calm down a little and wait to see him in the role before they make any snap decisions.  The people who are making harsh comments on the internet, saying that he’s too old and that they will never watch him as the Doctor are just being plain stupid.

I personally think that Capaldi could be the best Doctor we’ve had since the show returned and that the fans just need to relax and give him a chance to win them over.


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