Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Doctor Who 'Prisoners of Time' Issue 2 Review

Issue 2 of IDW’s ‘Prisoners of Time’ is a far improvement on the somewhat lacklustre first issue.  Focusing this time on the second Doctor and companions Jamie and Zoe as they visit an intergalactic shopping centre and get involved in busting up a slave ring.

It may sound rather dull, and the first half of the book simply follows the trio as they wander around the shops and eat some lunch but the characters feel so true to their onscreen counterparts, the conversations are interesting and engaging and the backgrounds are filled with so many little Easter eggs for fans that you will not get bored.
The Tardis materialises in a shop specialising in Police Boxes.
The action shifts up a gear as they become involved in the shady slave trading that goes on in the shadows of the shopping complex and we’re even treated to an appearance of the classic Ice Warriors, whose first appearances were during Troughton’s era on the show.

As in the Pertwee episodes the Ice Warriors are not the villains of the piece and builds upon the idea that whilst some of the race have been adversaries of the Doctor not all of them are ‘evil’.  It also, I feel, helps to build excitement to see their on screen return in a few months time in the upcoming series seven episode.
The Ice Warriors work with the Doctor to free the slaves.
The art in this issue is also a marked improvement on the third, with each of the characters immediately recognisable and full of expression and the small little mannerisms that make the characters instantly recognisable.  The backgrounds are also a beauty to see, with many of the panels filled with bright and vibrant goings on that will have you spending time simply looking at the artwork trying to pick out all of the little hints to the rest of the Doctor Who universe, such as a shopping Sontaran and a Babel Fish shop, a nice little nod to Douglas Adams’ time on the show.

A fun read that captures the essences of the characters perfectly and full of beautiful artwork.  A great improvement of quality to the first issue that I hope continues on throughout the rest of the series.  8/10


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