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Doctor Who 'Creature From the Pit' Review

Lady Adrasta takes the Doctor prisoner.
he Tardis receives a distress signal from the planet Chloris, where metal in all its forms is rare and highly valued.  The Doctor, Romana and K-9 investigate the area around the Tardis and discover the remains of an enormous egg in the jungle.  The planet is ruled by the vicious Lady Adrasta who controls the planet's very last metal mine, holding on to power through the Huntsmen and the Wolfweeds.

When Romana and K-9 ar3e captured by Adrasta the Doctor descends into the Pit, where he meets Organon, an astrologer thrown there by Adrasta some time earlier, and then comes face to face with the Creature.

The Doctor discovers that the Creature is not just a monster as everyone previously believed, but an ambassador sent to Chloris from another world that was thrown into the Pit by Adrasta.  The Doctor must find a way of freeing the Creature whilst saving his companions and putting an end to Adrasta’s evil plans.
The Doctor is cornered by the Creature.
'Creature From the Pit’ begins like many other ‘monster’ episodes of Doctor Who, with the threat that the Doctor must overcome to save the people of the planet.  However, it quickly turns the formula around on us and had the Creature as another victim and the true monster being Lady Adrasta.

Not only are we given a great change in this standard formula, but the final episode also switches gear on us again as the Doctor and the Creature must work together to save the planet from an external space based threat, shifting the action from the jungles and mines of Chloris to the Tardis.

An episode that plays with your expectations of the standard Doctor Who formula and tries some interesting new things that make this story stand out from many of the other ‘monster’ episodes.  7/10


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