Thursday, 28 September 2017

Power Rangers Legacy Wars Reveals Gold Zeo Ranger

Power Rangers Legacy Wars has revealed the latest character to be added to the games ever expanding roster, Jason Lee Scott as the Gold Zeo Ranger from Power Rangers Zeo.

The Gold Zeo Ranger will be a Legendary character, and will come in both a Leader and an Assist version.

The Leader version is a Balanced Class, and has two strike and two breaker attacks. The Quadruple Kick strike has a powerful knockback effect. The Golden Pulse strike is a ranged attack, and can be used in both long distance and up close. His Leg Sweep breaker move allows the chance to juggle attacks, and the Lord's Assault breaker launches enemies into the air, allowing the opportunity to juggle.

The Assist version of the character utilises a breaker attack called Gold Rush, where he runs across the screen at the opponent.

The Gold Zeo Ranger will be available through special Morph Boxes starting tomorrow.

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