Wednesday, 16 November 2016

CW Reveals First Look At The Dominators For DC Cross-Over Event

Since the CW acquired the Supergirl television show and added it to their ever expanding roster of DC universe programs the prospect of a cross-over that would encompass Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl has had fans excited for months.

Having previously teased the introduction of the Dominators as the threat that would unite all of these heroes together, and revealing the title of the four part event to be 'Invasion!' after the classic 80's event series, the CW have finally revealed the first look at the Dominators in a fantastic new trailer.

The event will see the Dominators coming to Earth to eliminate Metahumans, forcing the heroes to band together across dimensions and time to fight this new threat.

The trailer also teases the return of fan favourite villain Deathstroke, as well as the costume for Legends of Tomorrow newcomer Steel.


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