Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Channel 4 To Air Documentary Focusing On Transgender Children

Channel 4 are to air a new documentary show focusing on the struggles of transgender children in the UK as they seek help and treatment on the NHS, and the struggles they experience in their daily lives.

The first episode of the series 'Kids on the Edge', which will air at 10pm on Wednesday 16th November, will follow a group of children who attend Tavistock Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS).  Tavistock is the only facility for transgender youth in the UK to be funded by the NHS.

The show will look at the consequences of living with gender dysphoria, as well as the work that GIDS does as a whole.  The show explores transition and medical intervention, as well as the increase in referrals to the clinic in the past year (a 100% increase).

The episode is directed by BAFTA-winner Peter Beard.


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