Thursday, 11 August 2016

Lance Henricksen Cast as Obsidian on Legends of Tomorrow

Veteran sci-fi icon Lance Henricksen will be joining the cast of 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' as Obsidian, a member of the World War 2 superhero team The Justice Society of America.

There's no information on whether Henricksen will be playing Obsidian in modern day, as the character is traditionally one of the younger members of the group, or if the producers have chosen to flip expectations and have Obsidian become one of the older heroes of the group.

In the comics Obsidian is Todd Rice, the son of original Green Lantern Alan Scott and villain Rose Canton, Thorn.  Obsidian has the ability to merge with and manipulate shadow energies, but despite trying to be a hero has inherited his mother's mental health problems and often falls victim to his darker impulses, verging on becoming a villain himself.

Henricksen is a long time science fiction actor and voice actor, having appeared in Aliens, Terminator, Mass Effect, Millennium, Transformers, The X-Files, The Legend of Korra and Call of Duty to name just a few of his roles.

Season two of Legends of Tomorrow is set to air this October and will feature the return of Rip Hunter, Heatwave, Firestorm, White Canary and The Atom as they work with the Justice Society of America to take on the Legion of Doom.


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