Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The Retro Box

Starting this month I will be producing content with The Retro Box, a part of Black Hole Media.  The Retro Box is a podcast and blog about television shows from the past.  Nothing that appeared later than 2006 will be featured on The Retro Box, so expect some classic television, shows you loved, shows you can barely remember watching and some you may have even actively tried to forget.

As part of working with The Retro Box I will be posting retro television, film and video game reviews here at Trans-Scribe.  Just click on our new Retro Reviews tag to see them all.

Please feel free to head over to Black Hole Media now to check out not only The Retro Box, but other fantastic productions such as Black Hole Cinema, Pick-A-Flick and Dead Meat to name but a few!


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