Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Arrow 'Code of Silence' Review

This review WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS for the episode to be discussed, if you do not want certain plot points or story spoilt, please do not read further.

It's been a few weeks since Ollie and Team Arrow have had to deal with Damian Darhk, and whilst there's not a direct confrontation this week things have started moving towards a rather dramatic confrontation.

It appears that having lost the League of Assassins Malcolm Merlyn has managed to work his way into the upper ranks of HIVE, in another grab for power and a shot of revenge at Oliver, by giving Darhk information on Oliver's son, William.  

This week HIVE and Darhk move their plans to take over the city forward by trying to bring down Oliver's mayoral campaign, quite literally.  Darhk has hired the Demolition Team to destroy the building that will be holding the latest debate in order to kill Oliver and leave his wife, Ruve, unopposed in her bid to take over Star City.

Whilst it's a fairly by the numbers type of episode (the bad guys perform a number of crimes around the city before building up to their big plan in such a way that it leaves a trail for the heroes to follow) some good directing by former stunt coordinator James 'Bam Bam' Bamford gives the fight scenes a little extra flair that can sometimes be lacking in other episodes of the series.

Despite dealing with Darhk and HIVE a lot more the episode also managed to build up the story of Oliver running for Mayor and the rivalry between him and Ruve.  It was a shame that some air time wasn't given over to actually see Oliver in debate, winning over the public and actually being a competent candidate.  The show tells us that he's good, the news reports and villains talk about how he's winning over the most public approval, but we never get to actually see him doing it.  It feels like a little bit of a missed opportunity to see him in this role and doing something a little different for once.

Elsewhere in the episode it was really enjoyable to see more screen time given over to Quentin Lance and his relationship with Donna.  For something that took me as a surprise when it first happened I've actually found myself really enjoying the notion that he and Donna could be a couple, and have become more invested in their relationship than I have Oliver's and Felicity's.

Despite some rocky moments this week kind of cemented their relationship and made it more than just a fling, which is great, but it also makes me a little worried that it will be one of them who ends up in the grave towards the end of the season as part of HIVE's revenge against Lance betraying them.  Considering how upset Felicity is in the flash forwards and the fact that Barry wanted to be at the funeral makes me think that it may be Donna destined to die.

Quentin and Donna were definitely the highlight of the episode for me, and it was really cool to see Quentin hanging out in the Arrow Bunker so casually after years of hating the Green Arrow and Oliver.  It feels like the show is finally moving forward from what was becoming a tired character trait and actually making more of Lance then just 'disapproving, angry police man' trope.

Despite enjoying the Quentin Lance stiff the most, the scene with Curtis giving Felicity her engagement gift at their party.  He's gone and created a microchip that could enable her to walk again (further pushing Felicity to have more in common with Barbara Gordon).  Despite not being the biggest fan of the Oliver/Felicity relationship there was something about this scene that was just so sweet and genuine that it actually moved me a little.  It also delivered the line that made me smile a lot, 'Curtis, you're terrific'.

The final scene of the episode managed to close with a shock as we discover that Damian Darhk has already used the information given to him by Malcolm Merlyn to kidnap William, setting the stage for what is sure to be an intense and emotionally fuelled episode next week.


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