Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Gay Hook-Up Advert Banned In Cardiff For Being 'Disgusting'

An advert promoting a gay hook-up app has been removed from bus stops in Cardiff following complaints from people who found it 'disgusting'.

The adverts are for a smartphone app called Squirt and appeared around the city of Cardiff on bus stops and telephone boxes.  The advert pictures two men, one with a shirt open, with the phrase 'non-stop hook-ups'.

According to WalesOnline, residents of the area took to Twitter to complain that the advertisement was inappropriate and disgusting, resulting in the city council taking swift action to remove the adverts.

A Cardiff Council spokesperson said, 'The council has a contract with Clear Channel for the maintenance of bus shelters throughout the city.  This includes managing advertising displays.  Following a complaint about advertising that was considered inappropriate on two bus shelters on St Mary Street and Castle Street, the Council contacted Clear Channel and the posters have now been removed.'

Clear Channel have replied by stating that the poster passed the Advertising Standards Agency's 're-vetting' process.

If the adverts were indeed approved by the Advertising Standards Agency, what about them is considered 'disgusting'?  Afterall, were any of these adverts removed for containing too much sexual content?

Perhaps the real reasons that they were complained about was because they were sexualising men and normalising a gay lifestyle rather than a straight one.


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