Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Dog Kebabs - The Walking Dead 'Them' Review

Every now and then there's an episode of The Walking Dead that focuses on the dull side of the zombie apocalypse, wandering around the countryside, low on supplies and even lower on hope.  'Them' is one of these episodes.  Unusually for this type of episode though, it's actually pretty damn good.

As opposed to the usual 'we're all out of hope' type episode this one has a very character driven core, the loss the group is feeling after the deaths of Beth and Tyrese.  With two characters lost in just two episodes the group has been left reeling from the shock.

This is possibly one of the lowest points the group has ever been in, Maggie and Sasha have lost their family, Abraham has found solace in the bottle, Father Gabriel has begun to question his faith and Daryl has started to shut down.  Despite this, the episode isn't about wallowing in misery and pain but rather looks at peoples ability to move on and start to heal.

After a slow burn to begin with as the group walk down a road searching for food and supplies, the episode picks up once a massive storm hits and the survivors find cover in a barn.  After a tense moment where the group have to keep a horde of walkers out things take an almost strangely beautiful turn as Maggie and Sasha share a tender moment as they watch the sunrise together.

'Them' is not going to be a memorable episode, and won't be on anyone's favourites list but it's been much better then some episodes we've had to sit through in the past.  A slow but entertaining episode that takes the time to look at the emotional toll the world of The Walking Dead has on those who live in it with a satisfying conclusion that begins to set up some very exciting things to come.  Alexandria Safe Zone anyone?


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