Thursday, 19 February 2015

Cain You Feel The Love Tonight? - Supernatural 'The Executioners Song' Review

After a fairly disappointing season so far 'Executioners Song' delivers some great tv.  Bringing the monster of the week run to an end and coming back to the main plot of Dean, the First Blade and the Mark of Cain.

The episode focuses on the Knight of Hell and Father of Murder, Cain, as he reappears after almost a year, now on a mission to kill all of his descendants in a bid to stem the tide of murder in the world.  It's an ambitious plan, one that Cain admits would end in the deaths of at least 10% of the worlds population.

With dozens, possibly hundreds, already killed at Cains hand, including the elderly, children and babies, the Winchesters have to put aside their fear of what the First Blade and the Mark could do to Dean and face the greatest killer the world has ever known.

Teaming up with Castiel and Crowley, Sam and Dean manage to trap Cain, leaving Dean to fight him alone.

'Executioners Song' is one of the best episodes of Supernatural in a long time, and apart from the 200th episode, the best of the season.  Though comparing the two is impossible as all of the comedy and fun of 200 is replaced with tension and violence.

The episode is filled with brilliantly made scenes that take the time to build rather than rushing along, with some superb cinematography and a beautifully subtle music score that makes this one of those rarer grown-up episodes.  It doesn't rely on the jokes, in fact I'm struggling to remember any, instead it's made great by the tension and drama.

An absolutely superb episode, hopefully a sign of the things to come later on in the season.


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