Monday, 8 December 2014

Gay Couple in Alaska Receive Homophobic Abuse

Anchorage resident Adam Jacobson and his husband this week saw their home vandalised, had eggs thrown at their house and found a homophobic poster left on their car.

The couple, who have been living in Anchorage for four years with no such previous incidents had this to say about the incident;

'The whole think kind of felt like they had observes us or they were at least familiar with who we are.  It was planned.  They clearly put a lot of effort into the poster.  I suspect that people that think this way and believe these things probably are feeling marginalised and feeling like sort of victims of the progressive moment, and maybe those sort of feelings of victimhood are what sparked this sort of behaviour.'

The poster in question carried a number of homophobic slurs, such as 'Fag Free Zone', 'Fags Die, God Laughs', 'Homos are possessed by demons' and the classic 'Homosexuality is a sin'.

Anchorage Police Department have taken the poster as evidence and are investigating the incident.

In good news though, Mr Jacobson has reported that he and his husband have been besieged with kind words and supportive messages.


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  1. Sad day for us here in AK. I live in Anchorage and this sickens me. I am engaged to a trans man and have many friends in the LGBT community here. I can assure though. Our police the Anchorage Police Department other wise known as APD is working on the case.