Saturday, 20 December 2014

Amazon Publishes Rape Fiction of #GamerGate Target Zoe Quinn

I'm sure that a lot of you are familiar with the term Gamergate, even if you are unaware of the details.  Gamergate has become something of a phenomena, it seems like some aspect is always in the news, some new horrible detail being brought to light.  Unfortunately things don't seem to be improving at all.

For those of you who might not be fully aware of exactly what Gamergate is, it all started when independent games developer and 2D artist Zoe Quinn launched the video game 'Depression Quest'.  Shortly after the release of the game Quinn's ex-boyfriend, Eron Gjoni, published a blog post claiming that she had been in a relationship with a reporter for video game news site Kotaku.  After the post Quinn became the victim of widespread harassment, including threats of violence, rape and murder.

Since then Gamergate has gone on to become a massive debate about sexism in the video games development and reporting industry, targeting multiple women in the fields and their supporters in a misogynistic and viscous attack on women.

The latest attack comes in the form of a very thinly veiled rape fantasy story that has become available to purchase on Amazon of all places!

The 11 page long kindle download comes with the following description;
“Zada Quinby is a controversial video game designer who may have crossed the line,” the book’s description reads. “When her latest game offends the nation, five upset players decide to teach her a lesson. This gang of gamers decides to give Zada of piece of their mind, and much more!”

The book confesses to target an audience that includes 'fans of group action who fantasise about being brutally taken by men who can't understand the word no', and includes a scenario shockingly similar to some of the threats that Quinn has received.

Quinn herself became aware of the book on Friday and tweeted the following messages.

Some people have taken to the internet to continue their campaign of harassment towards Quinn, some claiming that she is finding similarities to a story where there are none (really?  No similarities at all?), some claiming that she brought the harassment on her, and even other who are claiming that she deserves the treatment she is receiving. 

The simple fact is that Zoe Quinn, and the other targets of Gamergate, are facing harassment and threats from people based solely on the fact that they are women.  People are saying that Gamergate is about ethics within the video game community.  But that's crap.  It's about sexism and misogyny.  It's men wanting to put down and harass women.  It's the perpetuation of rape culture.  This 'boo' proves that, it's just another example of angry people wishing sexual abuse on women.


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