Monday, 11 December 2017

Piers Morgan Mocks Trans Community In Tweet About The Snow

Piers Morgan, host of Good Morning Britain and former newspaper editor, has once again lashed out at the transgender and gender fluid community in his continued campaign of hate.

The television host, who on previous occasions has argued that children should not be allowed to dress in clothing that is not seen as being for their gender, told trans people on the show that they are 'confused', denied people's gender identity to their faces, and has described gender non-binary people as 'a contagion', has tweeted further insult to the community.

With snowfall having covered most of the UK this weekend, Morgan celebrated the change in weather by tweeting that he's 'off to build a non-binary gender fluid snowperson', followed by snowflakes.

Despite many people responding to the tweet decrying Morgan's comments, he has received a large number of positive responses, and has had a number of Twitter users respond with similar, transphobic comments.

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  1. Nothing shocking or even mildly surprising here. He's always been a prick. Remember how desperately he fawned over Trump?

  2. Bringing these subjects in to general social awareness even in Piers Morgans crass way.I believe is still helping the subject more awareness.
    Shout me down with words if you disagree i am entitled to my opinion

    1. If you believe in negative awareness, you are right - it is bringing even more transphobia to an already besieged community.
      If Morgan had been as outspoken against POC, would you still hold that it is OK to besmirch BAME people - I sincerely doubt it.