Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Sesame Street Celebrates Pride Month

Sesame Street has long been one of the most progressive and groundbreaking children's shows, having covered topics like death, HIV and Aids, divorce, Autism, financial difficulties, disability, parental incarceration, and environmentalism to name but a few.

With such a rich history of supporting good causes and raising children's awareness of real world differences and issues it's of little surprise that the show has come out in support of the LGBT+ community and Pride month.

The show's official Twitter page tweeted an image of popular character Elmo and several other muppets forming a rainbow.

Whilst the tweet has received a great deal of support and approval on social media some people are decrying the tweet as 'evidence of an agenda' at Sesame Street and HBO, with some on the extreme end claiming that the show, and Pride, are trying to sexualise children.

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