Saturday, 3 September 2016

Supernatural Release First Picture of Mary Winchester in Action

Season 11 of Supernatural wasn't one of the best, it had a great idea for a villain in an 'evil' counterpart to God, and the actual inclusion of God towards the end of the season, but sadly let itself down with a lackluster final episode.

With God dying and Amara looking unbeatable the Winchesters win the day by essentially getting her to agree to have a talk with her brother and the two of them putting their differences behind them, not exactly the best finale the show has ever given us.

The final episode did, at least set up some interesting new ideas going forward into season 12, one being the new human villains, the other being the surprise return of Mary Winchester, Sam and Dean's mother who died when Sam was still a baby.

It's anyone's guess what her return will mean for the show and the relationships between the characters, but from new promo images it would look like she's quickly calling on her history as a hunter and jumping straight into the action.

Supernatural is set to return to screens on October 13th.


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