Monday, 20 January 2014

'Circles' & 'A Stranger Comes To Town'

I’m pleased to be able to introduce the readers of my blog to two wonderful web comics that I’ve had the privalage to work on as the letterer, ‘Circles’ and ‘A Stranger Comes To Town’, by the up and coming new writer Mario Covone.

‘Circles’ is a partially autobiographical story that follows a group of teenagers in 90’s England, their friendships, loves and their lives.  With art by the talented Frank J. Wright ‘Circles’ was nominated for best artist in the 2013 Arcade Awards.

‘A Stranger Comes To Town’ is a horror series following a group of aliens that have come to earth to destroy humanity and are gathering an army of mythological creatures and monsters to help them in their aims.  ‘A Stranger Comes To Town’ features art from first time comic artist Glenn McCabe.

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