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Doctor Who 'Prisoners of Time' Issue 3 Review

Issue 3 of ‘Prisoners of Time’ begins with the third Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith being summoned by his former companion and UNIT member Liz Shaw to assist with an extremely unusual situation.  The planet is being wracked with rain storms and the Brigadier is acting irrationally and is ordering troop movements that make no sense what so ever.  When confronted by the Doctor it is revealed that the Brigadier is being controlled by the Remoraxians, a race that has come to earth to ‘aquaform’ the planet.

The Doctor, Liz, Sarah Jane and the Brigadier must travel below the ocean surface to a UNIT Nautical Facility where the alien invasion has established their foothold and find a way of stopping their plans before the rest of the world ends the attack the only way they know how, by launching a nuclear strike on Great Britain.

The artwork captures the style and action of Pertwee's Doctor.

The third issue of ‘Prisoners of Time’ perfectly captures the feel of the Pertwee era of the show, it sets its action on earth and delivers characterisation that is very true to the original versions seen on television.

The characters are all portrayed very well, with the Doctor displaying his usual disdain for authority, having plenty of tricks up his sleeves and not being afraid to get down and dirty with the alien invaders and start throwing a punch or two.  His relationship with the Brigadier is also great to see and the two of them work brilliantly with each other, just going to re-enforce one again that the Brigadier was truly the Doctors greatest friend.

The choice in assistants is also great, with not only the most famous assistant of all time in the form of Sarah Jane Smith, but the return of one of my personal  favourites Liz Shaw.  Pertwees first assistant, Liz Shaw was something of a mould breaker, less the damsel in distress and more an intellectual equal to the Doctor her brief time in the show had some of the best episodes in the shows history and it is wonderful to see her make an appearance in the 50th anniversary comic.

The Doctor and the Brigadier still work brilliantly together.
The books artwork is done very competently, with the characters instantly recognisable and each of the locations looking different and interesting.  The colours can skip from dark and moody to bright and flashy in an instant when the Doctor bursts into action and complements the story telling perfectly, helping you to feel the excitement as the action kicks into gear.

Another great issue of what is shaping up to be a very interesting series, though not quite 100% perfect.  It is a shame that a story that’s celebrating the Pertwee era does not also include UNIT personnel Benton and Yates, or his arch enemy the Master.  Aside from these small quibbles, however, a great read.



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