Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Resident Evil 6 Review

I’m a big fan of Resident Evil, the first game was literally the first game I played on the original Playstation, and Resident Evil 2 went straight in after I finished the first.  Since those first moments walking through the halls of the Spencer Estate I was hooked, and have since made the time and effort to play each of the other titles released since.

When Resident Evil 6 was announced at the start of the year I was over the moon with excitement, after all it had been almost three years since we’ve had a numbered instalment in the Resident Evil franchise.

As time progressed and more information was being teasingly released about the game my excitement grew and grew.  Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy in a game together!  We’ve been used to having more than one playable character in a Resident Evil title, with only a few exceptions to this rule, but this was the first time the two iconic male leads of the series would be together in one place.  Add to the fact that two characters are at odds with each other and the excitement level just grew and grew!

Before I knew it the release date was upon me and I had the game in my hands.  I excitedly opened the cellophane and threw the disc into my Xbox and was shooting zombies in no time.  As the game progressed I found myself having a great time, and was wondering how it had received such mixed reviews.  But then I began to feel it, a small niggling feeling at the back of my mind that something wasn’t quite right with the game.

As I progressed further through Leon’s campaign, and moved onto Chris’s the feeling grew.  It began to feel like Capcom were trying to throw everything they have had before into one game.  One minute there would be tense horror, then all out action, then a quick time event.  So much happens to the characters that after a while I began to feel a little desensitised by the whole experience.  Hell, Leon experience a bus falling off a cliff, a jumbo jet crashing into a city, a train falling off a bridge and a helicopter crashing into a building.  And that’s without any of the zombies or monsters!

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot in this game to enjoy, and I’m replaying it still even now and loving the experience, and Jake is a great addition to the series and his campaign the one I enjoyed the most.  I think that this game is very much worthy of its praise, but also just as deserving of it’s criticism.  It is a game that will enthral and infuriate, but at it’s heart it’s still a Resident Evil game, and embraces all of the aspects of its varies history from horror and suspense to action and awe.

A great game that is well worth the time it takes to sit down and play through all four of the scenarios, especially if you are a fan of the series.  And let’s be honest, even the worst Resident Evil game is better than the best Paul Anderson Resi movie!


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