Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Gearing up for series 7!

Two words that are guaranteed to make me giddy with excitement, Doctor Who.  With series seven of Doctor Who only a few months away I’ve been finding myself increasingly excited about the prospect of returning to the Tardis.

Originally introduced to the quirky, mad and downright brilliant time travelling alien when just a kid by my grandmother I was quickly captivated by the sheer brilliance of the show.  An alien genius that travels through time and space fighting monsters and aliens and villains wherever they may appear, accompanied by a trusted companion or two.  Who wouldn’t fall in love with that concept?

With the show having ended many years before I was open to the whole world of Who, with seven Doctors to capture my imagination.  Despite this, timing, and my grandmother’s love of one particular Doctor, meant that the only Doctor I ever saw whilst growing up was Jon Pertwee.

Everyone has ‘their Doctor’ and Pertwee was mine.  Flamboyant clothing, mad vehicles, the U.N.I.T. family and a mean right hook made Pertwee one of the most over the top and engaging heroes I had when I was young.

So in 2005 when the BBC announced a new series of Doctor Who I was over the moon.  And that first episode didn’t disappoint.  It gave me everything that I wanted and more.  And this continued week after week, year after year as the show progressed.  Looking back now I realise that not every episode was as great as I thought it was upon first viewing, some were weaker, some were stronger, but as a whole the new series lived up to its predecessor.

Then Steven Moffat took over as show runner, and things just got better.  Dialling down many of the ‘childish’ elements that had begun to take over during the Russell T. Davis era of the show and began to tell complex, adult stories that unfolded across entire series.  Many of the stories introduced by Moffat two years ago are still playing out to this day.

And now series seven is upon us, and we’ve got loads to look forward to.  The continuing mystery surrounding Doctor Who’s new big bad The Silence, more of the Doctor’s new family in River Song and the Ponds, and the big question the show is gearing towards ‘Doctor Who?’

With the 50th anniversary of the show only around the corner I can’t help but feel that these massive story lines and intricate mysteries and vague portents of things to come are all geared towards making the 50th anniversary a spectacle the likes of which Doctor Who has never seen before.
Doctor Who has been a triumph of British television that has captured the hearts and minds of people around the world for five decades, and hopefully will continue to do so for many, many more.  And whilst I love watching the show and reading the books I would love more than anything to be able contribute to such an amazing legacy, to be able to write for one of the greatest fictional characters of all time and be able to inspire the next generation of fans the way I was inspired all those years ago.


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